Your Skin Under The Mask

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"Maskne" that tends to form around the areas of your face covered by protective masks, is becoming more and more common as we use protective face coverings in the fight against COVID-19. That doesn't mean you have to accept "maskne" as just another irritating facet of life in 2020.

To protect yourself and other's, it's important to wear masks snuggly, but this can increase skin irritation. Protecting your face with a mask creates a moist, hot environment for your skin, as your breathing is being trapped. It can lead to build up of sweat and oil on the skin under the mask. Which can lead to inflammation, rashes and even cystic acne break outs.

After washing your hands you want to make sure you also wash your face thoroughly before and after wearing a mask.

I recommend to switch from a milk based cleanser to a foaming clear cleanser. Foaming cleansers remove oil more effectively. For an oilier skin you can use a cleanser with AHA, (alpha hydroxy acid) or salicylic acid for a deeper cleaning and exfoliation.  A calming face mask twice a week will help the skin to recover from the stronger cleansers and the daily abuse fighting the bacteria. 

Wash your mask! Especially if you use a cloth mask. The disposable mask needs to dry completely if you thinking of reusing them. Some of the disposable mask you can even wash.

As we getting into warmer weather, it's time to switch to a lighter moisturizer. Especially when wearing a mask it's important to make sure your skin barrier is in the best shape possible. 

Try to skip makeup under the mask. If you really need to apply makeup, try to keep it above eye level. (sounds crazy, and who would want to leave house half done) This will protect the skin from any potentially irritating or pore-clogging ingredients. This is because again the increased humidity under the mask could affect your skin's sebum production and potentially lead to an increased in clogged pores and breakouts.

At the end of the day, protecting yourself and others is the number one priority and maintaining a strong skin barrier, which helps prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and infections, is just as much a part of that as wearing a mask.

Stay healthy and safe. With Love always GG

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